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Author Website Resources (Free & Inexpensive)

This page is dedicated to author website resources. Keystroke Medium does not endorse any particular service or product, but does provide this information as a resource for your consideration.

Website Hosting

Amazon AWS (Free + Paid)

    • Features:
      • Robust server and back-end options
      • AWS provides excellent uptime
      • Build reliable and scalabale websites and webapps
      • Inexpensive full Virtual Private Server (VPS) instances
      • Secure, durable, and scalable object storage infrastructure
    • Link for more information:

Hostinger (Inexpensive)

    • Cost: As low as 80 cents per month.
    • Features:
      • Single stand-alone websites through dedicated Virtual Private Servers
      • Low-cost domain names (as low as 99 cents a year)
      • Fast-loading, excellent uptime
      • WordPress optimized
      • 30-day money back guarantee
    • Link for more information: (Free)

    • Features:
      • Many unlimited features
      • Free SSL certificate with all plans
      • No front-end ads
      • Free CloudFlare CDN
      • 10 email accounts
      • 1 FTP account
      • “Unlimited bandwidth and storage space” (Note: This host is designed around relatively low-bandwidth and low-storage based websites. Despite “unlimited” their terms of service notes they can delete your website if your website takes too many resources. Should not be an issue for most author websites but if you intend to have large downloads this may be something to consider. Remember to back up everything on a schedule.)
      • 400 MySQL databases
    • Link for more information: 

Weebly (Free + Paid)

    • Features:
      • Easy drag-and-drop website building
      • Many templates to choose from
      • Functional features include blogs, media galleries, online stores, etc..
    • Sign-up link:

Wix (Free)

    • Features:
      • Easy drag-and-drop website building
      • Blank canvas or start with one of over 500 templates
      • Artificial Website Design Intelligence can create a website for you based on answering a few questions and clicking a button
      • Functional features include blogs, media galleries, online stores, search engine optimization (SEO), mobile-friendly designs, embedded video
    • Sign-up link: (Free + Paid)

    • Features:
      • Customize as much or as little as you want
      • Get help when you need it
      • Blank canvas or start with one of their many templates
      • Many features are available and can be expanded through the use of plugins
    • Sign-up link: