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Jon Evans

Jon Evans

Jon Evans is a sci-fi and fantasy author from the UK. Despite the family name and the fact he lives currently lives in Cardiff, he is an Englishman. The capital of Wales, Cardiff lays claim to being the newest capital city in Europe. Why this is an achievement worthy of note, is beyond most people who see the sign but it’s obviously keeping someone happy. It’s a small city, just large enough to have the important amenities such as a big John Lewis store, lots of covered arcades, a museum in which some works by major artists are hung, and also some impressionist works. Jon lives in the city centre for the time being, which is convenient for his cinema-going habits but is not conducive to sleep or being able to reach the shops on a match day. He dreams of being able to move from the flat he rents opposite the sports stadium to another part of the city centre where fans of various types of football and Justin Bieber cannot disrupt his life or sleep pattern to the same extent. His primary series, which he writes with his brother James, is The Royal Marine Space Commandos which sits in the military science fiction sub-genre.

Jon spends as much of his time as possible attending indie author conferences and events in places as exotic as Las Vegas, Bali, Edinburgh, Runnymede and Newport. He takes an active role in the community, providing advice, creating podcast content, and collaborating with other authors.

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