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Keystroke Medium is growing! In four seasons, 35,000 people have watched KSM Live, and 20,000 have listened to the podcasts. More than 7000 hours of entertainment and… maybe a little education.
Now you can put your book in front of our audience!

When you sponsor an episode of KSM, your book will be featured on the show—the live broadcast and the podcast, and on our website. Your book will be part of that episode forever—making your investment evergreen. If you opt for the Gold or Platinum Tier, your book will be included in a focused ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

Advertising your book on Keystroke Medium is easy and affordable. And when you sponsor an episode, it’s exclusive. Your book won’t get lost in a sea of ads, because there’s only one—yours!

Here’s what we’re offering:

  • Silver: One episode and featured placement on our website – $20.00
  • Gold: Two episodes, a website spot, and included in an ad campaign, on us! – $30.00
  • Platinum: Four episodes, a website spot, and included in an ad campaign, on us! – $50.00

Sponsorships are limited to one per show, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. And we’d hate for you to be left out.

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