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KSM Live! 4.19: Allan Batchelder

May 13, 2019

Ep 4.19 – Allan Batchelder.  

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TWJ 1.26: Authors, Freelancers, & Taxes with Chris Morris, CPA

May 9, 2019

Episode 1.26 – Recorded 05.09.2019 – “Authors, Freelancers, & Taxes” with Chris Morris, CPA. Whether you are an author or a freelancer, you know how important (and often confusing) today’s topic is. Chris Morris is a CPA who regularly provides tax services for authors, illustrators, and artists. He knows the self-publishing author’s struggles first-hand as […]

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KSM LIVE! 4.18: The Gordian Protocol with David Weber and Jacob Holo

May 6, 2019

Ep 4.18 – The Gordian Protocol with David Weber and Jacob Holo. Recorded 5/6/2019. Tonight on LIVE! Josh, and Steve are joined by David Weber, and Jacob Holo to talk about their collaboration on The Gordian Protocol.

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Organizing Your Writing Projects

May 3, 2019

Like most of the authors I know, I’m not a naturally organized person. Sometimes it’s a struggle to force myself to get the major plot points or non-fiction chapters mapped out before I start on a new project. After installing a giant electronic whiteboard I picked up on CraigsList, I was able to see the […]

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TWJ 1.25: Writing Multiple Books at the Same Time with Josh Hayes & Rhett C. Bruno

May 2, 2019

Episode 1.25 – Recorded 05.02.2019 – “Writing Multiple Books at the Same Time” with Josh Hayes & Rhett C. Bruno. Wow! You’re finding yourself writing not one manuscript, but two or three or more…. How do you do it? Meet Josh Hayes, a man of many hats and writer of many books, and Rhett C. […]

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KSM LIVE!: 4.17 – Noir Fatale w/ Kacey Ezell, Larry Correia, David Weber and Chris Smith

April 29, 2019

Ep 4.17 – Noir Fatale w/ Kacey Ezell, Larry Correia, David Weber and Chris Smith Noir Fatale is available here.

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TWJ 1.24: The Business of Writing with Michael Anderle

April 25, 2019

Episode 1.24 – Recorded 04.25.2019 – “The Business of Writing” with Michael Anderle. So you’ve decided you want to write a book, a product that you want to sell to consumers. Does that make you a business? Yes, yes it does. What all does that entail, and how can approaching your writing as a business […]

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KSM LIVE! 4.16 – Jamie Davis

April 22, 2019

Ep 4.16 – Author Jamie Davis. A wide-ranging discussion of Jamie Davis’ many novels, collaborating with his son, and his writing (and dictation) methods. More information about Jamie is available at

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Covers for a Cure III

April 20, 2019

Keystroke Medium’s 3rd Annual Cover for a Cure event is happening on April 27th, 2019 @ 2pm Eastern / 1pm Central. The past two events were hugely successful, bringing in over $6,000 for two different charities and this year we hope to continue that success. Tom Edwards and Jamie Glover have generously provided several covers […]

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TWJ 1.23: Selling Your Debut Novel with Brian Mansur and Aethon Books.

April 18, 2019

Episode 1.23 – Recorded 04.18.2019 – “Selling Your Debut Novel” with Brian Mansur and Aethon Books. Sign up for Brian Mansur’s newsletter at his website: Visit Aethon Books at

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