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Season 5

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Ep 5.15: Writing in Multiple Genres

Ep 5.14: Debunking the Rules of Writing

Ep 5.13: Writing Roundtable – March 2020

Ep 5.12: Breaking Down Story – The Rise of Skywalker

Ep 5.11: How to Cast Your Story

Ep 5.10: Breaking Down True Detective

Ep 5.09: Making the Unreal Real

Ep 5.08: Using Tension in Your Story

Ep 5.07: From Concept to Story

Ep 5.06: You’ve Typed THE END, Now What?

Ep 5.05: World Building – From Concept to Reality

Ep 5.04: Developing Character Through Dialogue

Ep 5.03: Avoiding Scams as a Writer with Dan Alatorre

Ep 5.02: Story: What’s It All About?

Ep 5.01: Writing Goals