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C&C Season 1

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Ep 1.16: What the #&@$$

Ep 1.15: Best Served Cold

Ep 1.14: Give me some Java or I’ll Moon You!

Ep 1.13: You want me to Squeeze what?

Ep 1.12: Hammer n Chisel

Ep 1.11: Tuesday Coolday

Ep 1.10: Writing your best experience

Ep 1.09: Real Life Inspiration

Ep 1.08: Subvert This

Ep 1.07: Bravo to Beta

Ep 1.06: The Break

Ep 1.05: Sharper than a Butter Knife

Ep 1.04: The Brewd Awakening!

Ep 1.03: KeyStroWriMo – The Awakening

Ep 1.02: Broken Roast

Ep 1.01: Archetypes