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Meet William S Frisbee, Jr.

December 27, 2019

Meet William S Frisbee, Jr. Meet reader, martial artist, US Marine veteran, Dungeon Master, and author, William S Frisbee, Jr. In this interview, we ask him about his stories and Muse.

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Meet Rick Partlow

December 23, 2019

Meet Rick Partlow Meet Rick Partlow, the man, the myth, the word count legend. He says he’s written almost a million words this year. Let’s find out how he did it…

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Meet Kevin G. Summers

December 20, 2019

Meet Kevin G. Summers Meet Kevin G. Summers, the author of “Windham Rex.” If you enjoy swashbuckler action in space, you’re going to love his new adventure story. Today we meet the man behind the keyboard…

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Meet J. Clifton Slater

December 16, 2019

Meet J. Clifton Slater Meet J. Clifton Slater, the author of military adventures both future and ancient. In today’s conversation, we find out about his love for writing and his inspirations, and hear about his latest story, “Superiority.”

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Meet Luke T. Barnett

December 14, 2019

Meet Luke T. Barnett We’re hanging out with Luke T. Barnett, the author of “Synth,” an exciting adventure story in Farthest Reach.

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Meet Cary G. Osborne

December 13, 2019

Meet Cary G. Osborne Love thrilling mysteries and kickass heroines? Great, so do we. Meet Cary G. Osborne, author of the Sydney St. John Mysteries, Deathweave Series, the Iroshi Trilogy, and the exciting short story “Threat.” Find out who and what inspires her stories, how she writes them, and what gives her the courage to […]

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Meet Kalene Williams

December 13, 2019

Meet Kalene Williams The marvelous Kalene Williams needs no introduction, but we’re going to do it anyway!

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