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TWJ 1.47: Criteria-Driven Story Structure with Larry Brooks

October 17, 2019

Episode 1.47 – Recorded 10.17.2019 – Criteria-Driven Story Structure with Larry Brooks. Tonight the Story Engineer himself, Larry Brooks, drops by to chat story structure. In this episode, Larry walks us through three key questions we need to ask ourselves: How do I know if my story idea is strong enough? How can I revise […]

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TWJ 1.46: 5 Ways to Make Readers Happy with Jason Winn

October 10, 2019

Episode 1.46 – Recorded 10.10.2019 – “5 Ways to Make Readers Happy” with Jason Winn.

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TWJ 1.45: Editors Talk: Tips for Engaging Reader Imagination

October 4, 2019

Episode 1.45 – Recorded 10.03.2019 – “Editors Talk: Tips for Engaging Reader Imagination”. What happens when three editors get four writing samples to talk writing craft tips? One good time. Okay…that might have been a little cheesy. But seriously. This episode is fun. Join Ellen, Kalene, and Lauren as they dig into the writer’s first […]

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TWJ 1.44: Approaching Subject Matter Experts with Walt Robillard

September 27, 2019

Episode 1.44 – Recorded 09.26.2019 – “Approaching Subject Matter Experts” with Walt Robillard. Need to know how a black hole works for your science fiction story? Never touched a gun, but you’re writing a shoot-’em-up scene? Kalene and Lauren have been there and bought the shirt. Tonight they ask military veteran, martial arts instructor, gun […]

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TWJ 1.43: Dictation Tips for Authors with Kevin J. Anderson

September 20, 2019

Episode 1.43 – Recorded 09.19.2019 – “Dictation Tips for Authors” with Kevin J. Anderson. Ready to up your word count game? Need to bust through writer’s block? Thinking about getting into dictation, but you’re not sure how? With over 165 novels and 15 million words written, Kevin J. Anderson, the author of “On Being a […]

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TWJ 1.42: Health and Fitness for Authors with Jonathan & Jynafer Yanez

September 13, 2019

Episode 1.42 – Recorded 09.12.2019 – “Health and Fitness for Authors” with Jonathan & Jynafer Yanez. Between slamming out words and juggling the day job and family responsibilities, taking time for yourself to get the rest, exercise, and healthy food you need can be tricky. And, boy, does that bag of Doritos disappear quick. Kalene […]

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TWJ 1.41: “$10K Kickstarter Tips” with Jon Del Arroz

September 7, 2019

Episode 1.41 – Recorded 09.05.2019 – “$10K Kickstarter Tips” with Jon Del Arroz. Tonight on The Writer’s Journey, we dig into how to make Kickstarter work for you with guest Jon Del Arroz! Have a listen.

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TWJ 1.40: “Writing While Working a Full-Time Job” with Kacey Ezell

August 29, 2019

Episode 1.40 – Recorded 08.29.2019 – “Writing While Working a Full-Time Job” with Kacey Ezell.

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TWJ 1.39: “How Do I Write When Life Gets Hard?” with Martha Carr

August 22, 2019

Episode 1.39 – Recorded 08.22.2019 – “How Do I Write When Life Gets Hard?” with Martha Carr. All of us go through difficult times at some point or other, but how do we see it through to the other side as authors? When life gets hard, how can we keep up with our writing–and should […]

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TWJ 1.38: “Living & Loving the Single Life” with Sarah Noffke

August 15, 2019

Episode 1.38 – Recorded 08.15.2019 – “Living & Loving the Single Life” with Sarah Noffke. Jumping into authorship can have some big ripple effects on your life. Writing as a single–especially a single parent–has its challenges. Dating can be… interesting when you’ve put yourself out there by publishing a book or two or twenty. Just […]

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