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TWJ 1.23: Selling Your Debut Novel with Brian Mansur and Aethon Books.

April 18, 2019

Episode 1.23 – Recorded 04.18.2019 – “Selling Your Debut Novel” with Brian Mansur and Aethon Books. Sign up for Brian Mansur’s newsletter at his website: Visit Aethon Books at

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TWJ 1.22: “The Indie Author’s Essential Marketing Tips” with Michael Cooper

April 13, 2019

Episode 1.22 – “The Indie Author’s Essential Marketing Tips” with Michael Cooper. In all of his cosmic cosplay glory, Michael Cooper returns to the show to lay out a marketing game plan for new authors and authors who have been in it for a while. Learn all of his tips and strategies, including when and […]

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TWJ 1.21: “Crowdfunding a Novel” with Jon Del Arroz

April 9, 2019

Episode 1.21 – Recorded 04.04.2019 – “How to Crowdfund Your Novel” with Jon Del Arroz. Ever considered using Kickstarter to fund your novel? It’s a strategy that has worked for many authors before and could be right for you. #1 Amazon Bestselling author and “the leading Hispanic voice in science fiction,” Jon Del Arroz, is […]

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TWJ 1.20: “Mastering Facebook Ads” with Michael Cooper

March 28, 2019

Episode 1.20 – Recorded 03.28.2019 – “Mastering Facebook Ads” with Michael Cooper. With so much of your readership on Facebook these days, Facebook would be the place to sell your book and find new readers, right? Well, maybe. If you’ve tried to run an ad on Facebook, you know it’s not that simple. Here to […]

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TWJ 1.19: “Authors Building Facebook Communities” with Kevin Tumlinson

March 22, 2019

Episode 1.19 – “Authors Building Facebook Communities” with Kevin Tumlinson. One of the most successful book marketing strategies out there is to build a Facebook community of readers. This way you can connect instantly with your fans, share your life and thoughts, get their feedback, and bring them along on your writing journey. But how […]

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TWJ 1.18: Selling Books At Cons with Patricia Gilliam

March 16, 2019

Episode 1.18 – Recorded 03.14.2019 – “How to Sell Books at Cons” with Patricia Gilliam. Are book conventions worth my time? How do I pick a good con for me? What should my booth be like? What should I wear? Do I really have to talk to strangers? and What if I hates it, preciousss? […]

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TWJ 1.17: Write a Sizzling Synopsis with Bryan Cohen

March 9, 2019

Episode 1.17 – Recorded 03.07.2019 – “Writing a Sizzling Synopsis” with Bryan Cohen.

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TWJ 1.16: Today’s Best Book Marketing Strategy with Chris Fox

March 2, 2019

Episode 1.16 – “Today’s Best Book Marketing Strategy” with Chris Fox Now that you’re ready to launch your book, you need a marketing game plan. Which marketing strategies are right for you, and which ones should you get started on first? We asked Chris Fox—Amazon bestselling author of Six Figure Author and Launch to Market—to […]

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TWJ 1.15: Author Branding with Jynafer Rose Yanez

February 22, 2019

The Writer’s Journey Episode 1.15: Author Branding with Jynafer Rose Yanez You’ve written your book (yay, you!) and you’re ready to launch it into the world, but how do you make sure it finds the right readers? It’s all about identifying your target audience and using all the tools at your disposal to reach them. […]

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TWJ 1.14: Mastering Amazon Descriptions with Brian Meeks

February 20, 2019

Mastering Amazon Descriptions with Brian Meeks. Brian Meeks returns to the show to demonstrate how to make your Amazon descriptions sell your books. In addition, Kalene and Lauren are armed with questions provided by the KSM Facebook group members and the live chat concerning Amazon and all of the new changes that are rolling out. […]

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