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Brain Food for Writers

February 7, 2019

  If your brain is working overtime because of a hectic writing schedule and your creativity is starting to wear thin, consider what you’re eating and drinking. What you ingest has a remarkable influence on creativity, stress handling, and overall brain function. Here are a dozen things to consider when you’re trying to get your […]

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AuthorCentral is Not Limited to the United States

February 5, 2019

Amazon’s AuthorCentral websites allow readers to see a dedicated page focusing on a particular writer. It’s an easy way for Amazon customers, particularly those with Kindle readers, to find more about an author. The recently re-designed pages now include a sliding window featuring books registered to an author. The images are larger, allowing the viewer to […]

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MacGuffins, McGuffins, Maguffins

February 4, 2019

Quoted from Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction”… JULES You win. Jules raises his hand off the briefcase. It’s all yours, Ringo. PUMPKIN Open it. Jules flips the locks and opens the case, revealing it to Pumpkin but not to us. The same light SHINES from the case. Pumpkin’s expression goes to amazement. Honey Bunny, across the room, can’t […]

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REVIEW: Writing Military Science Fiction – Infantry

February 4, 2019

Writing Military Science Fiction – Infantry by William S Frisbee Jr. Review by Josh Hayes Book Link: If you don’t write mil sci-fi then this article won’t apply to you, but if you do… YOU NEED THIS BOOK. (I’d suggest getting the paperback) This book is over 250 pages, packed full of extremely useful information […]

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Using for Manuscript Critiques

February 1, 2019

Anyone can publish their unedited manuscript these days and (unfortunately) too many authors take that path. They promote and spam to their heart’s content…and when the first review comes in, it’s a one-star because of glaring grammatical errors, lots of passive writing, and even a change in the point of view halfway through the tale. […]

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Kingdoms of Iron and Stone Anthology Released

January 31, 2019

Keystroke Medium is proud to announce the release of its first anthology, Kingdoms of Iron and Stone. Focusing on sweeping epic fantasy, this almost 400 page eBook features a foreword by NY Times bestselling author Michael J. Sullivan. Edited by Ellen Campbell and Lauren Moore, this is Keystroke Medium’s initial foray into producing high-quality anthologies from […]

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The Little Things in Worldbuilding

January 27, 2019

Many beginning authors consider worldbuilding as a need to flesh out an entire city, planet, or even a small spiral arm of a galaxy. They spend countless hours focusing on where to place all of the individual buildings then coming up with a “cool” name for each area. I went through this phase in the […]

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Lies New Authors Tell Themselves

January 23, 2019

Nothing makes a professional author chuckle like listening to potential writers deciding to get into the field. Far too many think it’s easy to write a book and then have publishing companies dump shipping containers of hundred dollar bills on your front lawn. While this is a theoretical possibility (EL James comes to mind), it’s […]

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Podcast & Radio Interviews for Authors

January 20, 2019

Most writers are familiar with general promotional channels including advertising on sites, blog exchanges, social media marketing, and having your own author website. One that slides under their radar is getting interviewed on podcasts and talk radio. Shows like Keystroke Medium will always need new and interesting material to keep their listeners tuning in. If […]

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Creating Tension with a Ticking Clock

December 16, 2018

How can you tell when a clock is really tense? When it’s all wound up. Creating tension by using some form of a limit is one of the easiest methods to ratchet up the tension in any manuscript, from novel to play to movie script. When many newer authors first hear about adding in a […]

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