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Using for Manuscript Critiques

February 1, 2019

Anyone can publish their unedited manuscript these days and (unfortunately) too many authors take that path. They promote and spam to their heart’s content…and when the first review comes in, it’s a one-star because of glaring grammatical errors, lots of passive writing, and even a change in the point of view halfway through the tale. […]

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The Little Things in Worldbuilding

January 27, 2019

Many beginning authors consider worldbuilding as a need to flesh out an entire city, planet, or even a small spiral arm of a galaxy. They spend countless hours focusing on where to place all of the individual buildings then coming up with a “cool” name for each area. I went through this phase in the […]

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Lies New Authors Tell Themselves

January 23, 2019

Nothing makes a professional author chuckle like listening to potential writers deciding to get into the field. Far too many think it’s easy to write a book and then have publishing companies dump shipping containers of hundred dollar bills on your front lawn. While this is a theoretical possibility (EL James comes to mind), it’s […]

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Creating Tension with a Ticking Clock

December 16, 2018

How can you tell when a clock is really tense? When it’s all wound up. Creating tension by using some form of a limit is one of the easiest methods to ratchet up the tension in any manuscript, from novel to play to movie script. When many newer authors first hear about adding in a […]

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