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A Ballpark Walkthrough of Setting Up a WordPress Author Site

A walkthrough of setting up a hosted author WordPress website.

  • Register the domain name: I registered my domain through a domain registrar. Some hosting companies will include a domain name with paid hosting services. Time: 3 minutes
  • Set up DNS: I went into my domain registrar’s website and put in the DNS server information as provided by my hosting company. Time: 2 minutes
  • Install a WordPress instance: Go into your hosting account and install a WordPress instance. Each hosting solution is different. I have a whole virtual server through InMotion Hosting, which I do recommend. In their cPanel application, I had to add the domain name to my server through the Domains app, then went to the WordPress Manager app to do a basic installation of a WordPress instance. Time: About 7 minutes
  • Log In: Going to my domain started working right away, so I went to and entered my login information. Time: 1 minute
  • Update & Plugins: I had to do a WordPress update right away. Time: 1 minute
    Went to Plugins in the left-hand column and selected “add new”. Added “Classic Editor” and “Wordfence”, a security plugin, plus activated them both. Time: 1 minute
  • Firewall: For Wordfence, went through their firewall configuration. The steps were automatically generated and all I had to do was download two original files as a backup and click the buttons. Time: About 2 minutes
  • Check: Checked that the bland website was working. Time: Less than 1 minute
    Went over to CloudFlare and added the new domain to my free account. Time: About 4 minutes
  • Switch DNS: As per CloudFlare’s directions, went back to my domain registrar from step 4 and changed the DNS servers to the ones specified by CloudFlare. Time: 3 minutes
  • Get a Certificate: Set the CloudFlare TLS/SSL certificate to Full (Strict). Then I went to the Origin Server link at the top (below the buttons) and clicked. Selected “Generate Certificate”. Copied the two keys to a text document. Time: About 8 minutes
  • Install Certificate: Went back to my hosting website and, under cPanel, selected the Manage TLS/SSL app. Added the two keys to the domain. Time: About 5 minutes
  • Celebrate: Verified the new certificate works. Cracked open a Bubly Sparkling Water.
  • Start Entering Website Information: Time: Endless

Guy Anthony De Marco

Guy Anthony De Marco, MFA, is an Italian-American speculative fiction author; a Graphic Novel Bram Stoker® and Scribe Award finalist; winner of the HWA Silver Hammer Award; a prolific short story and flash fiction crafter; a novelist; a poet; an invisible man with superhero powers; a game writer; a disabled US Navy veteran, and a coffee addict. One of these is false. A writer since 1977, Guy is a member of the following organizations: SFWA, IAMTW, ITW, RWA-PRO, WWA, SFPA, ASCAP, MWG, SWG, HWA, IBPA. He hopes to collect the rest of the letters of the alphabet one day. Additional information can be found at Wikipedia.

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