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Month: July 2019

TWJ 1.36: “Writing Through a Midlife Crisis” with Christopher Hopper

July 25, 2019

Episode 1.36 – Recorded 07.25.2019 – “Writing Through a Midlife Crisis” with Christopher Hopper. Ever paused to blow out some candles and wondered how you got so many on the cake? Many would-be authors ask themselves the same question then–Why haven’t I written that book? Tonight’s episode is for you, whether you’ve asked yourself those […]

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TWJ 1.35: “Balancing Writing and Family Life” with James S. Aaron

July 18, 2019

Episode 1.35 – Recorded 07.18.2019 – “Balancing Writing and Family Life” with James S. Aaron. Diaper explosions, 2 AM milk runs, t-ball practice, first steps and first words–family life demands so much of your mental energy and time. How does a writer balance that with their writing career? Husband, dad, military vet, and scifi writer […]

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World Anvil - How to create a worldbuilding platform - Part 1

KSI Ep 1.09 – World Anvil – How to Create a Worldbuilding Platform – Part 1

July 12, 2019

    Welcome to Keystroke International, I’m Jon Evans and I’m here today talking to Janet Forbes from World Anvil a worldbuilding tool for roleplaying gamers and authors. We’re going to split the interview into three segments to keep the discussion as focused as possible. In Part 1 I’ll be asking Janet to explain a […]

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TWJ 1.33: “How Becoming an Author Changes Your Life” with Craig Martelle

July 11, 2019

Episode 1.34 – Recorded 07.11.2019 – “How Becoming an Author Changes Your Life” with Craig Martelle. Once you publish that first book, your whole life can change–quickly. Your routine, cash-flow, discipline, work/life balance, privacy, and relationships, all of that can be affected by becoming an author. How do you deal with those changes? With over […]

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KSM LIVE! 4.26: July Roundtable Discussion

July 1, 2019

Ep 4.26 – July 2019 Roundtable. Anything… Everything… potentially shenanigans….

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