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Month: February 2019

TWJ 1.15: Author Branding with Jynafer Rose Yanez

February 22, 2019

The Writer’s Journey Episode 1.15: Author Branding with Jynafer Rose Yanez You’ve written your book (yay, you!) and you’re ready to launch it into the world, but how do you make sure it finds the right readers? It’s all about identifying your target audience and using all the tools at your disposal to reach them. […]

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STORY: The Owl by Guy Anthony De Marco

February 21, 2019

  The Owl by Guy Anthony De Marco Something moves close by when you think you’re alone. Looking up from a tattered copy of Writers Digest from 1989, you see an owl. Normally this would be a minor thrill if you were out camping or watching a drive-in movie, but the owl is in your […]

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TWJ 1.14: Mastering Amazon Descriptions with Brian Meeks

February 20, 2019

Mastering Amazon Descriptions with Brian Meeks. Brian Meeks returns to the show to demonstrate how to make your Amazon descriptions sell your books. In addition, Kalene and Lauren are armed with questions provided by the KSM Facebook group members and the live chat concerning Amazon and all of the new changes that are rolling out. […]

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Review: Alita: Battle Angel by Richard Fox

February 19, 2019

Battle Angel Alita by Richard Fox *Warning. Light Spoilers* I did not grow up a fan of the manga or the anime source material, so had a clean slate of expectations when I went in to see the movie. That James Cameron worked on the script was a good sign, as he has some sort […]

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TWJ 1.13: Mastering Amazon Ads with Brian Meeks

February 19, 2019

Mastering Amazon Ads with Brian Meeks Brian Meeks discusses the new changes in Amazon’s advertising system and how this will be impacting authors in 2019.

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KSM LIVE! 4.07 – Hayley Stone

February 18, 2019

 Episode 4.07: Hayley Stone, author of the bestselling weird western “Make Me No Grave”, discusses her work and her writing process.  

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KSI 1.02: Leadership Styles

February 16, 2019

Keystroke International Episode 1.02: Leadership Styles The book discussion for this episode is Nick Cole and Jason Anspach’s Legionnaire, the first in the Galaxy’s Edge series.

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Review: Rise of Empire by Blake Arthur Peel

February 14, 2019

“Rise of Empire” is the second omnibus volume of Michael J. Sullivan’s Riyria Revelations. It continues the story of Royce and Hadrian as they search for the long-lost Heir of Novron, and expands upon the first volume by adding a long list of interesting new characters. It is a rollicking epic fantasy story that follows […]

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Worldbuilding Tools

February 12, 2019

Science fiction and fantasy rely heavily on placing the reader in a world that envelopes them like a warm blanket. That blanket might be a comforting hug from Hermione or the backblast of covering fire from a Gauss gun. It’s the responsibility of the author to craft a world that follows its own rules and […]

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KSM LIVE! 4.06 – POV & Narration Voice Roundtable

February 11, 2019

Tonight’s roundtable is focused on choosing a POV and character voice for your story. This episode of Keystroke Medium is brought to you by: Jordie In Charge (A Castre World Novel Book 1) by E.A. Shanniak. Happily ever after was within her grasp. Instead, she took a chance on love. Princess Jordie defied conventionality to […]

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