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Swinging for the fences!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: KSM is doing some big things in 2019.

LIVE! Season 4 starts of with a bang, with Scott Bartlett! The Writer’s Journey w/ Lauren Moore and Kalene Williams will continue to shed light on what it takes to become and thrive as an author. KSM International will kick off sometime in the 1st Quarter, bringing a show to our European and UK viewers that’s not at 3am. And last, but not least, we’re hoping to start a podcast of narrating your stories every week by our very own Chuck Manley.

We’ve added a lot of new team members this year. Scott, Ralph, Chuck and I, would like to thank Lauren Moore, Kalene Williams, Steve Beaulieu, Ellen Campbell, Guy Anthony De Marco, Jon Evans, Devon C. Ford, and Bonita Coronado. In the coming weeks, we’ll have a breakdown of what everyone is doing for the company and how we are growing and bringing extra content in 2019.

Speaking of content… A total of five anthologies are scheduled to publish next year. Below is a tentative schedule and planned themes.

January 2019 – Kingdoms of Iron and Stone – Epic Fantasy

1st Quarter 2019 – Untitled – Near Future

2nd Quarter 2019 – Untitled – Space Opera

3rd Quarter 2019 – Untitled – Military Science Fiction

4th Quarter 2019 – Untitled – Urban Fantasy

We’ve got plans for some story bundles in between anthologies and are moving forward with the share universe concept brought up in the KSM 2018 Year in Review Show, more to come on that later. There are going to be many, many opportunities for you to publish content, reach readers and grow your resume.

We’ve got plans to publish a weekly blog, with articles on writing, story, book reviews, inspirational post, and more! Once we have the processes ironed out and set up, we’ll be inviting guest writers to the project. If you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor, send us an email at:

The line up of guests for 2019 is already packed full of great authors: Mathew Mather, Kacey Ezell, Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Josh Dalzelle, Scott Bartlett, Jamie Gold, JN Chaney, Rob Kroese, and Chris Kennedy. And that’s just through February!

Finally, I’d like to thank you! Without you coming and hanging out with us every week, Keystroke wouldn’t be a fraction of what it is today! You truly are the best and I’m eager to see what 2019 will bring for all of us!

-Josh Hayes

CEO & President, Keystroke Medium

Josh Hayes

Josh Hayes is the author of the Second Star series (and numerous others) plus many short stories. He's an avid science fiction reader and audiobook junkie. He lives with is wife, Jamie, and their children in Kansas. His author website is

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  1. Don’t forget show times to suit your Australian friends! A show on your Friday would be Saturday here and I could watch a show live! 🙂

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